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Born-again Christian writer,  J.A. Abele, is no stranger to weaving spiritual truths into incredible tales of fantasy and adventure, and her love of music, poetry, (and animals of all kinds) inspire her creative characters. 

J.A. lives in rural upstate New York with her cat, Daisy, and often volunteers at a non-profit community storehouse, wanting to open her own local youth center and camp in the near future. 

“I love young people and have a passion for them to know the truth. I hope to deliver it in an exciting package, like The Spirit Tree. I am working on two more books in the trilogy (A Gathering of Family, and A Gathering of Saints and Sinners). The Spirit Tree Trilogy explores the remarkable relationship between the Holy Spirit and the believer in Christ, revealing the heart of God, and I feel the message mirrors the need for hope and provides the answers that are so hard to find in today’s crazy upside down world.” 

J.A acquires much of what she writes directly from the Holy Spirit. “ There have been times I wasn’t sure where a section of dialogue or plot was going to end up, but then I got exactly what I needed to write, from God. It really is an amazing way to write.”


She is grateful to God for the people around her which includes some great neighbors and her ‘quirky, creative and very much loved’ two sisters and their families.  “And of course, I am thankful for the gift of nature, which is really the greatest show on Earth.”

She is currently revising her memoir, On the Way to Omega- How I Accidentally Got Reborn and Heard the Voice of God. (The Revelationship tm)



Sing A New Psalm

A seed from Your bounty was planted anew

with a measure of faith in my heart till it grew
strong roots took hold nourished by Almighty Love
and broke free from deep earth seeking light from above
branching out through every season 
though many storms left their trace
this tree will eternally flourish
saved by Your Amazing Grace
the breeze carries Your voice

so gentle and calm
now every leaf unfolds for You
to sing a new psalm...

J. A. Abele


Author Image by ToonMe

Image by ToonMe

The Lord's Poetree sketch J.A. Abele

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