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5 star rated full cover Screenshot  of The Spirit Tree by J.A. Abele

 Ten percent of the profits from this book will be donated to O.U.R.

Operation Underground Railroad

(Portrayed in The Sound of Freedom from Angel Studios, Inc)

For the rescue efforts against child trafficking



When a corrupt global government has banished Christianity, and the world is plagued with disasters and violence, what do you do?

Find out in The Spirit Tree: A Gathering of Birds.

“Run, Noah, I can still hear engines!” Evangeline said in a panicked voice. “Get your muscles in gear, we gotta get away, we can’t get sent back to Harromog!”

“I’m running as fast as I can, Evie, wait up!” Noah said. “Izzy’s gettin’ too heavy. I’m outta breath.”

Collapsing with Izak onto a pile of moss- covered pine needles, Noah sat for a second as he contemplated, in this godforsaken world of chaos, how they had ended up here—-separated from those they love, on their own. 

Yet help comes from an amazing source in The Spirit Tree: A Gathering of Birds by J.A. Abele.

This is the story of three generations of the Elpizo family and their shared journey of faith in a dystopian world, where help comes from the fruit of The Spirit Tree—a refreshing place of hope, inhabited by an army of birds, God’s winged messengers, who speak, but can only be heard by believers.

The Word of God is incorruptible and finds its way to those whose hearts are receptive.  

- His Word is living and active and full of power - Hebrews 4:12

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