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“I love young people and have a passion for them to know the truth.

I hope to deliver it in an exciting package, like The Spirit Tree, which  explores the remarkable relationship between the Holy Spirit and the believer in Christ, revealing the heart of God.

I feel the message mirrors the need for hope and provides the answers that are so hard to find in today’s crazy upside down world.”

J.A.Abele- Writer

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The Spirit Tree: A Gathering of Birds by J.A. Abele is a gripping Christian children's story about three siblings who live in a dystopian world where a corrupt global government has banished Christianity. It follows the three Elpizo siblings on a unique mission to save their grandparents. Noah, Evangeline, and Izak escaped the labor compound from Harromog and now need food, water, and shelter. Luckily, on the way to the Spirit Tree, God eases their journey by sending messages through pinecones, birds, and animals that only Noah can read and hear, as he is the only one baptized in the Spirit. When they arrive at the hidden place, the Elpizo siblings learn God has good plans for them, and they must always keep their faith, discover their purpose and be patient. Yet, once again, they must travel back through dangerous places to rescue their grandparents from the compound.


The Spirit Tree: A Gathering of Birds by J.A. Abele is a mesmerizing story of faith, hope, fears and doubts, visions and dreams, and purpose. It contains valuable biblical wisdom and an inspiring set of characters called to do great things. Despite all odds and challenges, they still learn to have a relationship with God, get baptized, and hear and see messages that others can't. J.A. Abele teaches young readers the importance of being prepared for emergencies, the Great Restoration of the Church, the ability to hear the Holy Spirit, and why staying active in your relationship with the Lord, believing in Jesus, and being baptized in the Spirit is important. This is a must-read for young readers

Reviewed by Emma Megan for Readers' Favorite

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