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Thorn In My Pride - J. A. Abele

When I’m out in the world

Trying to reach a new height

Sidestepping Your direction

But not hidden from Your sight

When I’ve made the wrong selection

When I end up in a fight

When my stubbornness loathes correction

Convinced my wrong is right


Please let Your Holy Spirit

Help my anger to subside

Remind me of forgiveness

That Your arms are open wide

When I’ve hurt the ones You love

Help me quickly apologize

Remind me You still love me too

Please Jesus, be the thorn in my pride


When everything around me

Warns to look out for myself

When distractions overtake me

And put Your Word upon a shelf

When my pursuit of happiness

Omits those who need my help

When I gamble for petty gain

Forgetting the hand that You were dealt


Let Your Holy Spirit

Dwell in me and be my guide

Convict me of my selfishness

In Your Word I will abide

Bring me to my knees in prayer

Like the soldier who pierced Your side

When I forget how much You love me

Jesus, be the thorn in my pride


J.A. Abele




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