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Proverbs With Purpose For Young People- Proverb 22:5, 6

Here's a practical example to understand-

 Proverb 22:5, 6 

 In the paths of the wicked are snares and pitfalls,

    but those who would preserve their life stay far from them. 

 Start children off on the way they should go,

    and even when they are old they will not turn from it.


Imagine you have a best friend who keeps tempting you to skip school and play video games all day. It sounds like fun in the moment, but you know that will get you behind in your studies.


This is kind of like the path of the wicked in the Bible. They choose to follow their own desires, even if they know it will have negative consequences.


The consequences of skipping school and playing video games:

•        Falling behind in your studies and having to play catch-up.

•        Missing out on important lessons and opportunities to learn.

•        Feeling stressed and anxious about your grades.

•        Having less time for other important things, like spending time with family or engaging in hobbies.

But what if you had a wise mentor who taught you the importance of studying hard and focusing on your schoolwork from a young age? They would guide you on the right path and help you understand that it's important to make good choices.


This is like starting children off on the way they should go, as the proverb says. By learning godly principles and following them, you're laying a foundation for a good life.

So there’s good news! By reflecting on your poor choices and then remembering the importance of studying, you can start to turn things around.

Here's how to return to the right path:

•        Apologize to your mentor or parents for your mistakes and ask for their support.

•        Create a study plan and stick to it.

•        Minimize your screen time and focus on your schoolwork.

•        Surround yourself with positive friends who encourage you to make good choices.

Remember: Just like you can still pass your schoolwork even if you skip a few classes, it’s okay to seek forgiveness and learn from your mistakes in other circumstances as well.

Godly principles like hard work, responsibility, and integrity are always there to guide you. Even if you make mistakes later on, you can always choose to go back to those principles.



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