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Proverbs with Purpose For Young People- Proverb 20:4

Here is a practical example to help understand-

Proverb 20: 4

The lazy man does not plow when the winter [planting] season arrives;

So he begs at the [next] harvest and has nothing [to reap].


Imagine you have a project due in two weeks for school. You know you have to complete it, but you keep procrastinating. You wait until the final night to start working on it, and as a result, you don't have enough time to complete it properly. The final project is incomplete and receives a low grade.


This example demonstrates proverb 20:4 in a comprehensive way.

Not only does procrastination lead to a poor grade on the project, but it also negatively impacts your reputation, your ability to complete other tasks on time and your overall grade average.



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