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Psalms With Purpose For Young People- Psalm 5:3

Here’s a practical example to help understand-

Psalm 5:3

In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice;

In the morning I will prepare [a prayer and a sacrifice] for You

and watch and wait [for You to speak to my heart].


Imagine: It's early in the morning and you're just waking up. Your mind is clear and calm after a good night's rest. You're in a quiet space, with just the chirping of birds outside.

This is a perfect time to talk to God. He's eager to hear your voice and share His thoughts with you.

Here's how you can prepare a prayer like the psalmist:

Start with quiet reflection: sit in a comfortable place and take a few deep breaths. Let your mind settle and focus on God.

Share your heart: tell God about any thoughts, feelings, or concerns you have. Be honest and open with Him.

Offer a sacrifice: this doesn't have to be a physical offering. It can be anything that represents giving back to God, such as offering your time, your talents, or your forgiveness.

Wait patiently: don't expect God to answer immediately. Just sit in silence and listen for His voice.

He may speak to you through:


Your thoughts: a gentle whisper or inspiration

Your feelings: a deep sense of peace or joy

Scripture: a passage that speaks directly to your situation

Remember: God is always listening, and He wants to share His love and guidance with you. The morning is a special time to connect with Him and hear His voice.



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