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Proverbs with Purpose for Young People- Proverbs 5:1

Here’s a practical example to help understand-

 Proverbs 5:1

My son, be attentive to my wisdom [godly wisdom learned by costly experience], Incline your ear to my understanding;

Suppose you want to try roller skating for the first time, but you don't know where to start. A friend who has been roller skating for years offers to teach you. They advise you on which equipment to use, how to stand up straight, balance yourself, and move forward. To ensure your safety and success, they urge you to "be attentive" to their expertise, honed over many hours of practice and falls. They ask you to "incline your ear" to their instruction, emphasizing its value in helping you quickly pick up the necessary skills without hurting yourself unnecessarily.


Likewise, Proverbs 5:1 encourages us to heed God's divine counsel based on His vast knowledge and experience. By being receptive to His guidance, we can navigate life's challenges wisely, avoiding pitfalls and growing stronger along the way. This passage reminds us that seeking and applying godly wisdom brings benefits not only to ourselves but also those around us. So whether you're putting on roller skates or facing other aspects of life, remember to seek wise counsel and apply it diligently.


Photo by Joao Viegas on Unsplash


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