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Psalms With Pupose For Young People Psalms 11: 3, 7

Here’s a practical example to help understand-

Psalms 11:3, 7

 “If the foundations [of a godly society] are destroyed,

What can the righteous do?”

For the Lord is [absolutely] righteous, He loves righteousness (virtue, morality, justice);

The upright shall see His face.


Imagine a school where the students are a godly society.

They have a strong sense of righteousness, fairness, and respect for one another. But what happens if the foundation of this society is undermined? What if there is corruption, bullying, and discrimination?


According to Psalm 11:3, if the foundations of a godly society are destroyed, it is difficult for the righteous to do anything. It's like trying to build a tall tower on sand. The tower may seem impressive from the outside, but it will not withstand the test of time.


Whether in our schools, neighborhoods, towns, cities, or countries, if the foundations of society are destroyed, it can be difficult to maintain justice and peace.  A godless society will produce these terrible conditions-

Corruption: Abuse of power and wealth, injustice, manipulation, bribes

Bullying: Harassment, intimidation, discrimination, exclusion

Discrimination: Favoring people based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, social status

Lack of justice: Favoring the wealthy, biased legal systems, impunity for criminals

Social unrest: Poverty, inequality, injustice, political instability

Fear and chaos: Insecurity, distrust, violence, anarchy

Therefore, it is important to focus on the foundations of a godly society. If we want to build a just and peaceful world, we must work to ensure that the foundations are strong. This means promoting righteousness, fairness, and respect for all God’s people.  God is righteous and loves for us to choose to live this way with,

Righteousness: The state of being morally right, just, and fair.

Virtue: A quality of character that is characterized by the consistent performance of good deeds and the avoidance of evil ones.

Justice: The fair and impartial treatment of others.

Morality: The principles of right action and behavior based on ethical values and principles.

Psalm 11:7 reminds us that people who choose Jesus as, Lord and Savior and His righteous ways to live, will enjoy better lives on earth, and one day see His glorious face and live with Him in eternity.


Photo by Elissa Garcia on Unsplash


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