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Time is valuable…don’t waste your breath…

Some people will never be convinced, no matter how many ways or how many times we try to reach out to them with the truth.

They have no genuine regard for human life or the saving of souls. Some prioritize things that make them appear as if they are humanitarians, but in reality, they are self-serving.

There are those who clearly serve Satan, whose only goal is to torment, kill, and destroy as many as possible before Jesus returns.

When minds are closed (or so open, their brains fell out) then our time is better spent with those who might listen to Biblical truth. God’s Word gives us wisdom on how to navigate tragic events, unforeseen circumstances, and to make the right decisions.

As it’s made clear in the Bible, we are experiencing wars and rumors of wars. There is a significant increase in earthquakes, floods and famine and disease.

The earth is groaning. The enemy is looking to destroy lives in the most horrific ways. Atrocious acts of violence have become all too commonplace. (Matthew 24:6-13)

It’s not that God is allowing these things to happen. He gave us the freedom to choose to follow Jesus in this life if we want to have power, authority, and the ability to stand against the enemy.

Too many people complain about the chaos in the world today, but few seek help from the only One who can bring freedom and help us survive what the Bible warns us about.

God is always present, always listening for those who believe in His Son, to ask for protection and Holy Spirit guidance.

There is such an overload of information and misinformation coming at us from all sides. It is more important than ever to put your trust and faith in God. Seek wisdom and truth from the Lord, because He will never leave you without help.

Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life.

May the peace, hope & love of God be with us all…

“Do not give that which is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, for they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.Matthew 7:6



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